Agile and the software philosophy

From the very beginning, starting from the name of our company :-)) we were sure that our company won't be a traditional webagency .

The developing line composed by strict rules that you can find in Eric S. Raymond book doesn't fit for us .

For this reason we started to explore other developing practices, that someone defined as Agile. We noticed that those practices were always be part of us, we always used and apply them (maybe not from the beginning): step-by-step they emerged automtically and that is why we decided to analyze the features .

the more we read, talked, studied this subject, the more we remark that nobody has the "Perfect Receipt". Everyone on its own terms, found the way.

We decided to take action and organise with the more suitable instruments for our situation; we fixed our own elaboration process model mixing some Agile practices and some our ideas...of course this must already defined and can change on the needs.

Our project follows the SCRUM method. SCRUM is a iterative process that aims to make continuous changes following the costumer's needs and requests.