We offer quality support with our method

We always try to give the best support to our customers both in development and in after sales.

From the beginning of the business relationship, we offer our costumers our own working method that will be refined together in the course of the time respecting the costumer's needs. We believe that the common means of communication such as telephone or e-mail must be used just to manage the relationship between costumer and supplier but they don't have to lead the development of a specific request.

More precisely, we think that all your requests must respect an accurate format in order to have a clear vision of the problem and to mark the already done activities. Thanks to the reports, this procedure allows you to check our work; in the meanwhile, it is helpful for us to be on time and more precise during the resolution of your problems.

What Is Redmine?

Redmine is a complete web application for software project management; it is open source and it is based on Ruby on Rails. Redmine uses the Issue Trking system paradigm: it means that each intervention associated to a project is considered as an issue to be solved and they are grouped by project, urgency and work progress.

The 6 steps of the support



the costumer log into the panel and add his request.



the costumer establishes which are the most important changes or corrections to do first.



our team analyses the problem defining the time for the resolution or asking for more explanation.



once we have all the information, we are able to face and solve the problem.



the customer check that all requested changes have been done and in this case he can close the support request.



the costumer always have a report with the list of the done interventions and the working time.

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Why do we prefer this kind of support?
One of the most positive aspect in a trouble ticketing system is that, if it is correctly used, it can make easier the communication between customers and developing team.

Unfortunately, there are still many companies that prefer to write an e-mail, make a phone call (also during the night!), use Excel documents or paper documents that just once printed becomes obsolete, to inform the developing team about problems. This is wasteful and counter-productive! Instruments such as Redmine help to go beyond this confusion situation and allow to know the evolution of every single trouble, and at the same time reassure the customer that can check in every moment.

Even if this instrument allows to organize a complex work like this of a website development or software, we believe that the best way to understand the costumer’s IT necessities, is the fundamental professional relationship of confidence between customers and us. To enter into our support panel, please click here.