Probabilmente se cercando su Google sei finito su questo articolo è perchè o hai già un sito internet o ne vorresti realizzare uno, e ti stai chiedendo come fare per portare visite al tuo sito web e sai che il migliore dei modi per farlo è comparire primo su Google. La prima cosa che va detta è che esistono due modi di comparire nella pagina dei risultati di ricerca di Google: attraverso il posizionamento organico o naturale “SEO”, oppure attraverso il posizionamento a pagamento “SEA”.

From the very beginning, starting from the name of our company :-)) we were sure that our company won't be a traditional webagency .

The developing line composed by strict rules that you can find in Eric S. Raymond book doesn't fit for us .

For this reason we started to explore other developing practices, that someone defined as Agile. We noticed that those practices were always be part of us, we always used and apply them (maybe not from the beginning): step-by-step they emerged automtically and that is why we decided to analyze the features .

In our relationship with the customer we supply our working method based on the well-known RedMine web application. It allows to manage the software development as well as the online and on-site interventions.

Redmine uses the Issue tracking system paradigm: it means that each intervention associated to a project is considered as an issue to be solved and they are grouped by project, urgency and work progress.

When we started realising web applications with the first frameworks on the marked some years ago, the overview was very different: there weren't not so many php framework as today and some of them were already at an experimental stage. For this reason we decided to use one of the most damous at the time that is Rails: it is a web application framework written in Ruby. Its main ideas seemed to be a little bit bizarre at the time but they became gradually essential for all the frameworks on the market.