Redmine and our idea of Support

In our relationship with the customer we supply our working method based on the well-known RedMine web application. It allows to manage the software development as well as the online and on-site interventions.

Redmine uses the Issue tracking system paradigm: it means that each intervention associated to a project is considered as an issue to be solved and they are grouped by project, urgency and work progress.

In addition to the issue management, there are many other useful features:

  • Email notification in case of correction, implementation or change after your signal
  • The list of issues and a database with the issues' files or documents
  • Integration with code's revision systems such as CVS, SVN, Git;
  • Possibility to have documents related to a project
  • Allows time traking

This is just a small part concerning Redmine features. Protocolli Creativi immediately allows the customer to enter in the platform in order to use it as an interface instrument. In this way the customer can easily work together with us, suggest solutions and point out problems to solve.

The customer can check the work progress but this system also garantees the analysis of each request, a high quality and careful assistence as well as an appointed time.

In conclusion, this instrument has the capacity to organise a complex actvity such as a software or a website development. etc... At the same time, the professional and confidence relationship with our customers is essential to completely uderstand their requests.IT.